Write absolute value as piecewise function worksheet pdf

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Worksheet Piecewise Functions Algebra 2

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A piecewise function has different rules for different parts of its domain. Consider the functions below. Write a piecewise function to describef(x) over the domain [—6, —3] [—2, 6] The portion of the graph on the interval (—6, —4) should be modeled as a cosine function with its The absolute minimum value of G(t) is —l.

What is the height of G(t) at t. Absolute value The most important piecewise de ned function in calculus is the absolute value function that is de ned by jxj= (x if x 0; x if 0 x. The domain of the absolute value function is R.

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The range of the absolute value function is the set of non-negative numbers. The number jxjis called the absolute value of x. Fill in the table using the function: ; | | Check out the suspension bridge below that is suspended. from two represents the inverted V-GRAPHICALLY towers.

Write an absolute value function that -shaped portion of one tower. x f(x) -2 0 5 -6 21 1. Algebra 2 YL Graphing Piecewise Functions Worksheet if x 2 f(x) = x if x > 2.

—4, —2 7. f(x) = 2x-2, x 3, f(x) 1, x+4, 1. Change the following absolute value function into a piecewise function by following the steps.

Absolute Value Equation and Function Worksheets

a) Graph B: T ;2| T E1|2 b) Change the “absolute value” symbols to parentheses, and simplify the function This is the “positive slope” side of the function.

Write absolute value as piecewise function worksheet pdf
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