John howard griffin and his book black like me

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St. John's Military School For Boys

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Black Like Me

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John Howard Griffin

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Rereading: Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

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Black Like Me is a nonfiction by John Howard Griffin that was first published in John Howard Griffin () is known internationally as the author of two novels, Nuni and The Devil Rides Outside, five books and monographs on racism in addition to Black Like Me, a biography of Thomas Merton, three collections of photography, a volume of journals, two historical works on Texas, a musicological study, and The John Howard Reader.

Birth Name: Blake Austin Griffin. Place of Birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. Date of Birth: March 16, Ethnicity: *African-Haitian/African-American (father). Official Book Page for Almost Black - The Story of How Vijay Chokal-Ingam, Older Brother of Mindy Kaling, Got Into Medical School by Pretending To Be Black.

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John howard griffin and his book black like me
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