How to write a sharp note

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A half step on the piano is the very next key.

The Music Alphabet: Start Speaking the Language by Learning the A-B-C's

A half step on the piano is the very next key. The order of flats is a sequence of seven flat note names. This order tells you which notes are flat in a key containing flats. If a key has one flat, it only contains the first flat from the order of flats — the key has two flats, it uses the first two flats from the order of flats — Bb and Eb.A key with 5 flats would contain the first 5 flats from the order — Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, and Gb.

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fsharp scale: c sharp - d sharp - e sharp - f sharp - g sharp - a sharp - b G flat scale: D FLAT - E FLAT - F - G FLAT - A FLAT - B FLAT - C FLAT If you compare each note in the F sharp scale with the note in the G flat scale written below it you will see that they are in fact the same.

How to write a sharp note
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