Badminton rule book

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Simple rules for beginners

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Rules and Regulations

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Badminton rule book Rules and regulations Of badminton Regulations The court A badminton court is used for both singles and doubles matches but the ruling on the boundary’s court you are allowed to use will vary depending on if you are playing doubles or singles.

This booklet describes the skills and techniques in badminton. It includes: the GCSE badminton specification, the rules of badminton, court diagram for singles and doubles, grip breakdown, stroke cyle and characteristics of skill, including diagrams/pictures and teachnique for each shot.

Badminton Rules by Pat Davis and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at BADMINTON RULES. GENERAL RULES: • A shuttle landing on the line is good. • A shuttle hitting the net is good and play continues (including on the serve) if all other aspects of the play is legal.

• All players must be inside the lines of their respective service courts at the point of contact.

Badminton Basics For Beginners

Rules and Regulations of Badminton (Chinese Edition) [China Badminton Association] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language:cerrajeriahnosestrada.comack. Pub Date: Pages: Publisher: Beijing Sports University Press This rule is based on the latest badminton BWF translation and revision of the rules.

Including the rules of the game of badminton badminton tournament General. The International Badminton Federation shall rule on any question of whether any racket, shuttle or equipment or any prototype used in the playing of Badminton complies with the specifications.

Badminton Ruling Bodies – USA Badminton (USAB)

Such ruling may be undertaken on the Federation's initiative or on application by any party with a bona fide interest, including any player, technical.

Badminton rule book
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